Art Of Reaching Needy Is A Blessing And I Feel Lucky To Be As A Social Worker – AJAZ HUSSAIN

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Work is not only a blessing imparted to Kind souls but it help to Enhance a positive impact in society, there are very few people who besides having busy schedule manage time for others ,it indicates kindness, sympathy and Soul purification. To Help others, listen to other problems, try to reach them directly and indirectly. We keep shearing such kind stories to you in this special segment that bring out Glory and generosity of Real Hero’s, who are creating an incredible impact with their Helping hand nature.

Story of Ajaz Hussain is full of inspiring temptation and Sublime X Factor.Ajaz Hussain hailing from Bhatyas District Doda of Jammu and Kashmir is serving Society as Social worker and also Chairman of All india Anti corruption and charitable trust who make sure to reach maximum people and also make this society Corruption Free,that every intellectual human Citizen dreams.

Well Ajaz Ahmed so far has reached thousands of People in His own town and also out side. Hero’s are not made they are born, Born to Discover and Explore, Born for a change, Born to make it large it suits his personality .His determination towards youth and women empowerment is remarkable. The Mission against drugs is one of key feature in it that makes him more responsible towards Service of Nation.

Ajaz Hussain keep working in area of Bhatyas,the beautiful part of Bhalessa jammu and kashmir which is know for his spiritual culture and land of Pure people. One of the best Social worker of Jammu region who being sublime keep working for betterment of Needy People.

The art of Social work is an immense Platform⁷ designed by a Kind heart craft. Anti Corruption Policy that makes sure not to take not to give, not to endorse any kind of Corruption weather it is Financial or moral Corruption. But People like Ajaz Hussain make sure that any deserving person may get its results. His efforts and excellency is worth appreciated and society expects more better things from him in Future.

Art Of Reaching Needy Is A Blessing And I Feel Lucky To Be As A Social Worker – AJAZ HUSSAIN

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